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In this free four-part video masterclass, spiritual trailblazer and Wiccan priestess Phyllis Curott introduces you to some of her favorite magical practices and techniques to inspire your inner Witch and help you start making magic!

Welcome to the magical world of Witchcraft.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Simple spells and magical exercises to help you create a life of joy, balance, power and purpose
  • What it truly means to be a Witch, and why the myths and rumors about Witchcraft are finally subsiding   

  • That Witchcraft is not a belief system, but an ancient spiritual practice centered on personally experiencing the divinity all around you

Plus, when you register, you’ll get a FREE downloadable spell book that gives you the secrets for successful spellcasting, plus the seven essential spells you need to make everyday life more magical.

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With Phyllis’s first free video, “Cast a Circle to Unleash Your Magic,” you’ll learn how to:

  • Recognize and embody the divinity within yourself and the natural world

  • Start your day the Witch’s way and set positive, grounded intentions for the journey ahead
  • Establish a new, balanced relationship with the Earth rooted in respect and reverence
  • Cast a circle—a fundamental Witchcraft practice—to open your senses and connect with nature and the magic all around
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Meet Phyllis Curott

Phyllis Curott is one of America's first public Wiccan priestesses, an attorney and an author whose ground-breaking books have made Witchcraft accessible to the world and awakened an entire generation to the Goddess. Widely covered in the international media, she was inducted into the Martin Luther King Jr. Collegium of Scholars. She is also Vice Chair Emerita of the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions and founder of the Temple of Ara.

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