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Between the guidebook and the video, you’ll learn from these ten world-renowned teachers

Strategies to ignite your unique intuitive abilities

How to choose a card deck that resonates perfectly with you

Powerful ways to prepare yourself and your space for a card reading

Exclusive (and easy!) card layouts—from world-acclaimed card readers

How to interpret your card layouts and understand card symbolism 

Now more than ever, people are rediscovering the ancient art of card reading to communicate directly with their angels, spirit guides, fairies, and the divine—and get detailed guidance about everything from healing their relationships, to finding a career, to pursuing their life’s purpose, to improving their health.



A Guide to Getting Started with Oracle and Tarot Cards

Monday, August 27 at 7 PM ET

Part 1

Part 2

Wednesday, August 29 at 7 PM ET

Colette Baron-Reid

Kyle Gray

Rev. Sharon Anne Klingler

Sandra Anne Taylor

Karen Kay

Radleigh Valentine

Abiola Abrams

Denise Linn

Rebecca Campbell

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In the video, 
Colette Baron-Reid starts us off by explaining exactly what card reading is—and what it isn’t. Then Radleigh Valentine and Kyle Gray help us learn to connect with universal guidance with a teaching on the many languages of the divine and a powerful meditation for awakening divine connection. And finally, Rebecca Campbell and Abiola Abrams bring it all to life by demonstrating some card spreads.