Flavia Kate Peters has communed effortlessly with fairies since childhood. Flavia Kate is a hereditary witch, her knowledge of magic passed down from her grandmother, who embraces the path of the old ways and that of the fairies. A popular mystic, Flavia Kate teaches others how to affiliate and work with the elemental realm in conjunction with the elements, seasons and candle and herb magic.

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Your Three-Part Masterclass Includes:

Learn to tread the ancient path of the fairies and work with their powerful natural magic.

Lesson 1: Welcome to the Fairy Realm

  • Connect and communicate with the fairy realm through raising your vibration.
  • A magical spell to tap into your extraordinary manifestation abilities and bring about prosperity and abundance.
  • Meet the four elemental fairy guardians, and learn how you can work together for the greatest good.
  • Discover how you can ask the elementals for help to supercharge different aspects of your life, including creativity, communication, and relationships.

Lesson 2: Tap in to the Power of Nature

  • A powerful and effective spell to achieve a true and strong connection with the fairy realm.
  • Expert guidance on the conditions, tools and protection you need to perform fairy magic safely and successfully. 

Lesson 3: Using Spell Work for Success

About Flavia Kate Peters