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Join Rebecca Now! ➤

Your soul is calling you… Are you listening?

In this free four-part video series, best-selling author Rebecca Campbell takes you on a journey to get to know yourself from a soul perspective—and when this happens, your life falls into alignment.

  • Proven techniques—including intuitive exercises and attunements—to connect with your soul
  • How to identify your soul type and its traits, so you can build on your natural strengths and avoid potential problems
  • Insightful advice and practices to release fear, so your soul can guide you every day
  • Practical steps to help you turn your soul’s callings into action and gather the courage to surrender to your soul’s highest calling

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

In her first free video, “How to Hear the Whispers of Your Soul,” you’ll learn:

  • What it means to live a soul-led life—and how it leads to unbounded joy and freedom

  • How to listen to the whispers of your soul and easily embody them in everyday life
  • What the signs, nudges and awakening moments you sense are trying to tell you

  • How to discover your soul’s mission and take small steps toward it 
Join Rebecca Now! ➤

Rebecca Campbell is a writer, artist and the best-selling author of two books, Light Is the New Black and Rise Sister Rise, and one card deck, Work Your Light Oracle. She is also the creator of the Rise Sister Rise Monthly Membership. Rebecca leads heart-opening and activating workshops around the world, encouraging people to spend more time with their soul and connect with their Inner Temple within.

About Rebecca Campbell

Join Rebecca Now! ➤