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In every moment of every day, you are interacting with energy. Some energies inspire and motivate you. Others make you feel unsafe and limited.  

In this guided meditation from medicine woman Asha Frost, you’ll go on a healing journey to explore the energies that affect your life. Working with a wise medicine person and Wolf spirit, you’ll learn to assess the energies that are currently influencing you and build strong yet flexible boundaries that nourish and protect you.  

Safe boundaries are your divine birthright, and once you learn to create them, you’ll have the stability to thrive, the courage to find your voice, and the power to walk away when needed. In short, you’ll be able to choose yourself in any situation.

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In this insightful meditation...

You will:

Explore the energies around you to assess if they’re serving your highest good—and clear away any that are limiting your potential

Connect with the empowering, loving spirit of Wolf, who will help protect your energy field

Create an energetic filtration system, based on your deep inner knowing, that will allow a balanced flow of energies in and out of your life

Learn to create energetic protection in any moment to prevent negative energies from influencing you

Having healthy boundaries is an extraordinarily important aspect of your well-being. Are you ready to create some?

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Meet Your Guide

Asha Frost is a medicine woman, energy healer, and teacher of Indigenous traditions and ancestral wisdom. She’s guided thousands of people through profound and lasting transformations using ancient traditions, sacred ceremonies, shamanic journeying, and earth medicine. For the last twenty years, Asha has facilitated healing circles, workshops, and private sessions where people have integrated animal spirit teachings and healings into their daily lives, finding a deeper sense of peace, inspiration, and higher wisdom as a result. Her life’s work is to help people unlock their innate connection to their own healing power and the deep medicine of the earth and all its creations.

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from Asha Frost 

  Medicine Woman


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