Louise Hay, best-selling author, founder of Hay House and pioneer in self-help movement, has helped millions create more of what they want in their lives, including mind, body and spirit wellness. She used mirror work and affirmations in her own life to experience great success and joy.

Loving Yourself

21 Days to Improved Self-Esteem with Mirror Work

by Louise Hay & Friends

Now you can do the same with this FREE ONLINE COURSE from Louise!

  • Create a powerful, stable foundation of self-love through daily mirror work exercises, heart thought affirmations and meditations
  • Learn practical tips to care for yourself on a deeper level than ever before, banishing feelings of self-doubt and anger
  • Gain confidence to listen to and follow your inner guidance and open yourself up to more abundance and joy
  • Find out how to become the person you were born to be and live a life that reflects the real you

This FREE course will be offered over 21 days—with the presentation of three lessons every three days, starting on Thursday, January 10 and running through Wednesday, January 30. During these 21 days, you’ll hear from not only Louise but also her friends Robert Holden, Ph.D., Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., David Kessler, Ahlea Khadro and Heather Dane.

By registering now for this free course, you’ll also get immediate access to additional wisdom from Louise, including a recording of her discussing her philosophy of self-love and a deep relaxation meditation, that will help get ready for the upcoming course.

We hope you join Louise and Friends for this 21 Days to Improved Self-Esteem!

In this powerful FREE online course, you’ll:

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21 Days to Improved Self-Esteem 
with Mirror Work