Have you ever opened a journal and gotten completely stumped about what to write? Or maybe your mind is so full that you don’t know what to write about first. Maybe you’ve started to journal, but then abandoned the practice before it could become a good habit. 

The truth is, even though journaling may be the only time we have in our day to organize our thoughts, learn from our experiences, and set an intention to build a more fulfilling future, a lot of us find it hard to make it a priority. 

But, with only a few minutes a day, journaling can change your life! It helps relieve stress and anxiety, improve symptoms of depression, heal from trauma, and more—by affecting the brain in a way that’s similar to the positive benefits of meditation.

And now, we’re making it easier than ever to explore (or re-explore) it’s heart-opening magic.

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This guide from Colette will show you how you (yes, you!) absolutely can fit a journaling practice into your life and how you can ground yourself with meditation before journaling. You’ll also discover how to begin (or finally return to) a regular, personal practice of journaling with a simple, easy-to-follow 5-day plan.

How journaling can help you see and overcome your self-limiting beliefs 

More of the evidence-based benefits of journaling 

The difference between journaling by hand versus typing 

A potent method for combining gratitude with journaling 

How journaling radically transformed Colette’s life 

And so much more!

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Between the video and the companion guide, you’ll be well on your way to using the heart-opening power of journaling to transform your life faster than you believed possible.

About Colette Baron-Reid

Colette Baron-Reid has helped countless people transform their lives with journaling and other powerful practices over the past 35 years. She is a world-renowned spiritual intuitive, oracle expert, and best-selling author published in 27 languages. She is also the acclaimed creator of numerous best-selling oracle decks, as well as the star of the hit television show Messages from Spirit and host of the popular podcast Inside the Wooniverse. As a professional intuitive for over 35 years, Colette has provided guidance for tens of thousands of people all over the world from all walks of life. She is the founder and creator of Oracle School, which teaches students how to use oracle tools to manifest an empowered, inspired life. Her greatest joy is teaching people how they can have a direct and personal dialogue with the Divine (also known as God, the Conscious Universe, or their Higher Self) to help them create their best lives.

Free Video + Companion Guide from Colette Baron-Reid
best-selling author, spiritual intuitive, and oracle expert 

 In this free video from Colette Baron-Reid, you’ll discover: